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Advanced Card Games have all been stolen by Marik!
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Episode 1 of Season 5
You must be at least this rich to ride.
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Date: January 9, 2021
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This Episode is not out yet.. but it should be in the next 4 years..
Date:FebJanDec 36, 22BC
More in Season 5

Yami Bakura plans to unleash the ultimate Shadow Game, but the Narrator from Dragon Ball Abridged tells him a filler arc comes first. Much to Yami Bakura's confusion, the narrator admits he's out of work. Back to Yugi's group, they are mourning Duke's theme music. Duke explains YouTube laws had finally gotten too smart for them to keep getting away with using Sexy Back. Read More Professor Hawkins answers the phone, getting Bakura on the line. Bakura tries to get him to pass on a threatening message; however, Hawkins forgets. Yugi tells the Pharaoh that soon they will get to unlock the mysteries of his past. However, Mokuba arrives, inviting Yugi, Joey and Rebecca to the KC Grand Prix (here pronounced "Grand Pricks"). At KaibaLand, Yugi and Joey find a kid with a deck full of nothing but Dragons. After insulting his intelligence, Yugi gives him Heart of the Giant Bitch to play against the computer. however, Zigfried von Schroder hacks the computer to make it too difficult. Yami Yugi takes over and constantly insults Joey via the card, before eventually winning the duel. At the event, while Roland continuously plugs Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and reinforces Kaiba's belief magic doesn't exist, everyone participating is announced. To Yugi's annoyance, Grandpa is there as well as Ekaf Eman; wondering who let him out of the basement.