Advanced Card Games have all been stolen by Marik!

This video is a Mirror of the original youtube video uploaded by LittleKuriboh. you are getting our backup mirror because of a problem preventing the original from playing.

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Muerte Pinata
This episode contains the majority of the duel between the Pharaoh and Yami Marik .

After commenting on the brief encounter with Melvin in the previous episode as a tedious sub-plot, Yami turns to challenge the rogue in a card game. Kaiba tosses Yami the Metal Fiend card, assuring that, yes, he must throw all his cards in an over superfluous manner. After it appears that Yami can't shuffle cards without looking at them very well, the duel begins. This episode has the distinction of, aside from Crowd Atlas, having the most focused-on card game of the entire Abridged Series.

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