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Advanced Card Games have all been stolen by Marik!
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Beyond The Fourth Wall
In memory of Maddie Blaustein.
Also Starring:
Kirbopher as Noah
MasakoX as Nesbitt
KaiserNeko as Johnson
Lanipator as Lector
Takahata101 as Crump
hbi2k as Gansley
ShadyVox as Jaden
The opening intro indicated the show being called Yu-Gi-Oh: The Cancelled Series.
The episode is dedicated to Maddie Blaustein, who did numerous voice acting parts for 4Kids, including Solomon Muto, Sartorius, Rex Goodwin for several episodes before her death, and others. One of her more well-known voices was Meowth on Pokémon - in the episode, Meowth's cry of Meowth, that's right! is an excerpt from the show.