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Advanced Card Games have all been stolen by Marik!
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The Abridged Movie

This is the origional full Abriged movie by LittleKuriboh.

DuelTube Note:The Original video for this was uploaded in 4 parts by LittleKuriboh to YouTube but has been flagged so much that only one of the original link's still remains however the other 3 parts have since been uploaded by other Youtube members, links for all 4 parts of this movie can be found below:
Part 1: watch?v=3tH60cNil1g
Part 2: watch?v=gIjGfFmy9Gk
Part 3: watch?v=dqv7FoWjofk
Part 4: watch?v=fmrccoXJgsE

Yu-Gi-Oh is the property of Konami and Kazuki Takahashi. This is a non-profit fanbased parody made solely for the purposes of free entertainment.