DuelTube FAQ

Q: Who made DuelTube?
A: DuelTubeWas created in Dreamweaver by rmellis and tallulah95 in the UK

Q: Why create DuelTube?
A: DuelTube was created for fun and to help organise YuGiOh Abridged

Q: Why do some videos need to switch to a mirror when they play just fine on youtube?
A: a lot of LittleKuriboh's videos have been flagged for stupid copyright reasons, even tho they are able to play on YouTube directly they can not be embedded some times, We will do our best to ensure that there are working backup mirrors at all time for those that wont play.

Q: How is this project funded?
A: It isn't, we used our own mone
y to set this up ad free

Q: How is this project hosted?
We make use of GitHub Pages, this allows us to manage the website from a repository and have it output to "dueltube.github.io" from there we use a CNAME record to have "dueltube.org" mirror that dueltube.github.io.

Q:Why "dueltube.org" and not ".com" ?
A: The domain was origionaly a Asian casino however as of late 2020 The .com Domain is now a mallicous site poseing as a VPN service, do not visit it!
They are creating BotNets from the users that download there fake VPN software that can then be used to attack legitimate websites. unfortunately because this new malicious service is based in china theirs no way to get it taken down as this type of
      behavior is apparently okay.